About Us

The Ghaith Group was established in 1992, as it specializes exclusively in the food sector. It is a group of bakeries and supermarkets. The Ghaith Bakeries which located at (al-waha circle) was the first shop established in the group, and then, due to great efforts and great perseverance, the branches began to spread.

Ghaith Group has become a great ability to stand in the face of strong competition by providing its services with a template that bears creativity and innovation, so that the customer finds a great diversity in the services provided to him that carry quality and distinction, in addition to supporting all this with promotional and marketing campaigns that put Ghaith Group in a prominent position in the food sector market. Constructed by the essential philosophies of truthfulness, desire, and enduring vision, Ghaith Group remains to grow its market occurrence, expanding its incomes and constantly enriching its effective values and ethics. We pursue a policy of delegation and knowledge, devoting in the best systems, resources, and public required to excel in all of our attempts. I am delighted to say that, currently, Ghaith Group is permanently renowned as a chief in the food sector and we will expand to bestow the highest levels of quality and customer approval in everything we do. Nabeel Ghaith General Manager




Our Address

Oasis roundabout, next to Ghaith and Ghaith bakeries for dairy and cheese
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